Dog Days …

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The winter holidays and the Dog Days of August are usually good times to pitch off beat stories.  Lots of people are on vacation, yet there is still a news hole that needs filled.  Thus, it is often a great time to pitch evergreen or feature story ideas. Place an Op-Ed or bylined article. Catch up with reporters to talk trends.  However, it’s never a good time to badger reporters.

This MediaBistro story regarding a vague pitch is a an excellent illustration how PR folks can earn a negative reputation.

Does anyone really care about a media personality who’s profiled in a New Orleans magazine about Hurricane Katrina?  Even in our 140 character, text crazed world, you should still take time to explain why a story might be news worthy. Is there anniversary angle? Was an award won?  Were lives saved?

In the Dog Days of Summer … you have time to pitch better than this.  Please?

Pitch one:

Shepard Smith graces the cover of New Orleans Magazine for his Katrina coverage

Pitch two:

Go Shepard Smith!!! He’s on the COVER of New Orleans Living Magazine for Katrina!

Third time’s a charm:

Shep rocks:

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