Reading Digital Strategies

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Read any good books lately?

In addition to being one of my favorite interview questions, the topic of good books makes for great networking and cocktail conversation too.

Welcome to my video series on business books and blogs. We’ll explore some of the newest titles in business and public relations as well as revisit the classics.

The first recommended title is for anyone struggling with building the business case for social media. Paul Argenti of Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth and Courtney Barnes of Think Communications and editor at PR News have written an excellent primer: Digital Strategies for Powerful Corporate Communications. The book explores how Web 2.0 is informing public relations, government relations, employee relations and investor relations – every aspect of communications for every company. The authors presents case studies in branding, public affairs and crisis communications along with resources for measuring social media.

If you think you can avoid reaching into the Web 2.0 toolbox, please think again. At least some segment of your stakeholders are on the Web and talking about you. Start listening. Start participating. Start building your social media presence today. Otherwise, you risk having to create social networking in response to a crisis putting you and your company on the defensive.

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