Intel Reinvents the News Release

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After a few weeks on holiday in New Zealand my thoughts are mostly still of verdant vistas, steep cliffs, rolling hills with grazing sheep and cows, cold turquoise seas, surprisingly gorgeous pinot noir, hiking and sailing. Alas, it’s time to turn to holiday festivities and ponder the myriad of dodgy PR scandals and happenings. White House gatecrashers. Tiger Woods’ shocking behavior and unsurprising silence. The coffee and candy takeovers. Sketchy data on climate change. China’s advertising campaign.

However, what may have more tangible impact to the general PR practitioner is the superbly executed social media news release launched by Intel.  The newsroom is an excellent complement to Intel’s clever and engaging “Sponsors of Tomorrow” corporate branding campaign.

I recently wrote about the value of the news release. Intel sets the standard for the Web 2.0 version. Here’s what I like about the Intel format.

1) Video. Animate your news release by having the expert share the information directly. Video increases the overall views of the news release and demonstrates to TV and radio producers that your executive is interview ready. Also, everything is linked to Channel Intel on YouTube.

2) Table of Contents. No need to scroll to find information. Looking for quotes? Highlights? The video? The reader can click directly to the information of interest or read the full story.

3) Related Links. I’ve often said that if you don’t do your homework, don’t expect a reporter to search for background. Offering links to fact sheets and customer case studies provides additional context. You’d include this info in an email pitch, so why not in the release itself? Now it’s only a click away.

4) Social Media. Having easily accessible links to blogs, Facebook, Twitter and the like allow for viral distribution.

Intel’s model also provides the traditional inverted pyramid format of the news release – the “full story.” Yet, the additional and segmented elements of a social media news release cater to the distracted reader and deliver the key concepts and elements of the story at a glance. The format demands greater attention to detail, but it gives the writer more flexibility and creativity.


On a personal note, I did successfully complete the Readiness Review portion of the APR process. Happy to have the case study behind me. Now to begin preparing in earnest for the computer exam — my New Year’s Resolution.

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