Trick or Tweet

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It’s Halloween, 70 degrees and muggy. The clocks fall back tonight. I’ve spent the afternoon downloading funky versions of classic tunes to my iPod (motivated in part by this fun YouTube video set to People Are Strange by Brave Combo). Now I’m simmering some homemade pumpkin soup. Why am I not at a party? Or at the Rivah sitting on our sailboat watching it rain with a glass of bubbles?

Unfortunately, I’ve had a weeks-long brain cramp trying to write the last section of my readiness review essay for the APR exam. Why can’t I translate my power point slides for the oral presentation into a narrative? I guess it’s a matter of vulnerability. I don’t want it (or me) to be judged.

So I’m continuing to procrastinate by reading PR blogs. Courtesy of Pop! PR Jots, I came across a ZDNet story about social media predications (31 of them). The general consensus—if your company isn’t on the bandwagon, jump on. Drink the Kool-Aid. Everybody’s doing it. The challenge will continue to be differentiation and relevance (which is the case regardless of your PR/marketing strategy).

I’m pleased to report that The George Washington University is among the most visible colleges and universities on Twitter. I’ll be curious to see if they stay ahead of the trends and continue to innovate with social media. Sometimes, early adopters have the most difficulty adapting to change.

Social media isn’t a trend. It’s a public relations toolset that should be part of the larger communications strategy. As Jeremy Pepper writes, “It takes the understanding of the whole ecosystem, how social media is affecting public relations, marketing, communications and customer service.” Thus, counting outputs (e.g. number of tweets, fans and views) must be accompanied by more substantial outcomes (e.g. measures of customer satisfaction, loyalty and improved sales) in order for the C-Suite to appreciate the value of social media.

Well, Steve and Edie Gourmet are singing Black Hole Sun.  I think that’s a sign I should get back to writing my readiness review essay.  Thank goblins it’s due Monday.

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