Pearl of Wisdom for a Cause: Cervical Cancer

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Pearl of Wisdom Campaign

Pearl of Wisdom Campaign

Who knew September was Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month? What caught my attention? A pearl. Now I can add a pearl pin to my jean jacket collection of women’s health awareness campaign pins. My favorite is the Red Dress for the “heart truth”, followed by my Pink Ribbon for breast cancer.  October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month — complete with pink appliances.

What is cervical cancer? According to, “it is caused by “high-risk” types of the human papillomavirus (HPV),  a very common sexually transmitted infection…. HPV Infections that do not go away can cause cells on the cervix to change and become abnormal. Over time, abnormal cells can slowly develop into cervical cancer.”

Sadly, I know too many family members, friends and colleagues who have dealt with these life-threatening cancers personally. Thus when I receive contest solicitations for cancer awareness, I pause. Do we have play games and wear jewelry to have a conversation about women’s health?  The contests and pins capture attention and generate tanigble results — a primary goal of any awareness campaign.  In fact, several PR/Marketing campaigns for health issues have won awards for many public relations agencies.

While I wish behavior change could occur absent these promotional efforts, such gimmics are necessary. In the case of cervical cancer, the call to action is HPV vaccination and regular visits to your gynecologist for a PAP test.

Please share that pearl of wisdom generously with every woman.

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  • CALE Says:

    Wow … I will add bookmark this site !! So great !!

  • Globals Says:

    all good things

  • lilikindsli Says:

    7uKSNV I want to say – thank you for this!

  • michelle whitlock Says:

    Thanks so much for helping to get the word out that cervical cancer is preventable. As a cervical cancer survivor, I’m working with the Pearl of Wisdom campaign to help ensure that other women don’t die or lose their fertility — as I did — because of this disease. In addition to the Pap test and the HPV vaccine, your readers should know about the HPV test, which is used in conjunction with a Pap in women 30 and older. It was the HPV test that helped my doctors find my cancer.

    Also, in the spirit of using promotions to raise awareness about women’s health issues, the Pearl of Wisdom campaign is launching a promotion during September, Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month, encouraging women to wear their Pearl of Wisdom and then submit a picture to the campaign of themselves wearing it, in order to be eligible to win some fabulous prizes. More information is at This promotion is fun, but our message is serious. Thanks for sharing both with your readers.

    Michelle Whitlock

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